Astronomy from Space

  • Y. Kondo
  • K. A. Pounds
  • A. A. Boyarchuk
  • G. W. Clark
  • G. Courtes
  • M. Grewing
  • E. B. Jenkins
  • F. D. Macchetto
  • M. Oda
  • J. Rahe
  • G. B. Sholomitzcy
  • Y. Tanaka
  • J. Truemper
  • K. A. van der Hucht
  • A. J. Willis
Part of the International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUT)


The tragic loss of Space Shuttle Challenger and her 7 crew members in January 1986 has seriously affected the astronomical research from space in the U.S.A. and, to a lesser extent, in Western Europe. The incident has caused setbacks in a number of space projects, including the delay in the launching of the Hubble Space Telescope. Nevertheless, the field of space astronomy remained active during the present reporting period (1984 July through 1987 June).

L’Astronomie A Partir De L’Espace


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  • Y. Kondo
  • K. A. Pounds
  • A. A. Boyarchuk
  • G. W. Clark
  • G. Courtes
  • M. Grewing
  • E. B. Jenkins
  • F. D. Macchetto
  • M. Oda
  • J. Rahe
  • G. B. Sholomitzcy
  • Y. Tanaka
  • J. Truemper
  • K. A. van der Hucht
  • A. J. Willis

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