Reduction of a distinct pool of monoamines by ketanserin in peripheral tissues

  • J. E. Leysen
  • J. Wynants
  • A. Eens
  • P. A. J. Janssen
Part of the Developments in CardioCardiovascular Pharmacology of 5-Hydroxytryptamine book series (DICM, volume 106)


Ketanserin is a prototype of a 5-HT2 antagonist which also has moderate α1-adrenoceptor blocking properties. These properties are thought to underly its demonstrated antithrombotic and antivasoconstrictive activities (for reviews see [1, 2]).


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  • J. E. Leysen
  • J. Wynants
  • A. Eens
  • P. A. J. Janssen

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