Ketanserin in the treatment of septic shock

  • Arend J. J. Woittiez
  • Jot Wolthuis
  • Leo Van Bergeijk
Part of the Developments in CardioCardiovascular Pharmacology of 5-Hydroxytryptamine book series (DICM, volume 106)


Septic shock is characterized by high output failure, systemic hypotension and decreased peripheral perfusion, eventually leading to multiple organ failure and death. The acute respiratory failure following septic shock is accompanied by pulmonary hypertension, bronchoconstriction and an increase in pulmonary shunt fraction. Serotonin, released from entrapped platelets, could be one of the mediators, involved in the cascade, leading to organ failure [1]. To study this role of serotonin, we administered ketanserin to patients with septic shock.


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  • Arend J. J. Woittiez
  • Jot Wolthuis
  • Leo Van Bergeijk

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