Disky Ellipticals in the Hubble Sequence

  • Cecilia Scorza
  • Ralf Bender
Conference paper
Part of the International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUS, volume 171)


About one third of the elliptical galaxies show disky isophotes (Bender et al. 1989). These are low luminosity objects, are rotationally flattened (Carter 1987, Bender 1988b, Nieto 1988), are much weaker radio emitters than ellipticals in average and show no strong X-ray emission in excess of their discrete sources contribution. They have pointed isophotes which are thought to reflect the presence of embedded stellar disks. A large number of these disks could be hidden due to low inclinations (Rix and White 1990). Because of these properties, which makes them strongly resemble S0 galaxies, it has been suggested that disky ellipticals form together with S0s and spirals a continuous transition in D/B ratio in the Hubble sequence (Bender 1988b, Nieto 1988). However, until the present, this hypothesis had not been investigated throughout.


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  • Cecilia Scorza
    • 1
  • Ralf Bender
    • 2
  1. 1.Landessternwarte KönigstuhlHeidelbergGermany
  2. 2.UniversitätssternwarteMünchenGermany

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