A Bvrijkhα Survey of 355 Nearby Galaxies

  • Peter Surma
Conference paper
Part of the International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUS, volume 171)


A multiband CCD-survey of 355 UGC galaxies in our local cosmological neighbourhood is undertaken in collaboration with S.D.M. White (MPI-fAstrophysik Garching), S. McGaugh (IoA, Cambridge), M. Dennefeld (IAP Paris), H. Ferguson (STScI), M. Rieke, A. Grauer (Steward Obs. Arizona). Optical observations are obtained on Calar Alto (MPIA Heidelberg) and at La Palma (RGO) — with data 40% complete at the moment. The selection criterion is diameter 1.5′< D 25 < 2.5′ A database of local galaxy properties is being established (including total luminosities, mean SB, diameters, colours, colour gradients, D/B-ratios, present SFRs). Using theoretical evolution models we can predict the bona fide appearance of the galaxy population at any given redshift and thus provide a secure reference point to interpreting galaxies observed at intermediate and high z (e.g. faint galaxy counts).

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