Low Surface Brightness Galaxies and the Field Galaxy Luminosity Function

  • D. Sprayberry
Conference paper
Part of the International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUS, volume 171)


We have developed a catalog of local low surface brightness galaxies (LSBGs) which is selected by objective criteria. We present here a luminosity function (LF) for LSBGs based on that catalog. This LF includes the effects of the completeness corrections to the LSBG catalog, and includes only galaxies with surface brightnesses (22.25 ≤ μB(0) ≤ 24.5) fainter than those included in the CfA Redshift Survey (see Marzke et al. 1994, AJ 108, 437). The best-fitting Schechter function has parameters \(\alpha = -1.42, M_B^* = -18.34\), and \(\phi^* = 0.0036 \ h^3 \ \textup{Mpc}^{-3} \ \textup{mag}^{-1}\). Thus, surveys which do not take account of the observational selection bias imposed by surface brightness are missing a substantial fraction of the local galaxies, but, this missed fraction is not large enough to explain the counts of faint blue galaxies observed at moderate redshift.

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