A Summary of Geology of Iran

  • Mansour Ghorbani
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This chapter presents an abridged description of the geology of Iran covering the following areas:
  • Stratigraphy of Iran from Late Precambrian to Quaternary along with a brief introduction to various lithostratigraphic formations

  • Structural units of Iran, orogenic phases and major faults that played a significant role in the geologic history of the country

  • Magmatic activities of Iran including igneous phases, intrusive and extrusive rocks, and classification of ophiolitic complexes

The chapter provides the reader with a good knowledge about general geological characteristics of Iran in an abridged form.


Geology of Iran Faults of Iran Stratigraphy of Iran Magmatism of Iran Structural units of Iran Orogenic phases of Iran Basement of Iran 

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  • Mansour Ghorbani
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