India, China and East Asia

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India–China relations are becoming multidimensional and hence complex as compared to the past. As they rise and become major players in East Asia, their interests are overlapping; however, dubbing their relationship in terms of a zero-sum game fails to capture the underlying dynamics. It is driven by wariness of each other given their ability to undercut each other’s interests but are striving to ensure that it does not degenerate into a conflict. India’s involvement in East Asian affairs is bound to rise steadily corresponding to its growing interests, and many countries certainly would look at its potential as a counterweight to China. India would also be a factor in evolving regional balance of power, which is something Beijing has to take into account. Similarly, Beijing too would endeavour to extend its influence into the Indian Ocean, which New Delhi has to factor in. Yet, conscious of the disastrous consequences if their relationship is not managed deftly, they seem to have self-imposed certain redlines.


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