Signal Processing for Rotor Vibration Diagnosis

  • Osami MatsushitaEmail author
  • Masato Tanaka
  • Masao Kobayashi
  • Patrick Keogh
  • Hiroshi Kanki
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In the vibration diagnosis of rotating machines, the first attention is the evaluation of the unbalance vibration, i.e., the rotational synchronous point of vibration, noted as “1X” or “1N” vibration. A vector monitor (R1_Fig. 5.8) is a measuring instrument including a tracking filter that extracts only the 1X vibration component from the actual vibration waveform. In this chapter, the principle and the application of this vector monitor are explained. In the following, attention is given to the transformation from the waveforms in the time domain to amplitude (spectrum) in the frequency domain by using a FFT analyzer. We learn about the theory of signal processing related to FFT analysis, which is capable of providing numerous displays for easy understanding and effective diagnosis for vibration troubleshooting.


Signal processing PLL (Phase-locked loop) Vector monitor MATLAB Unbalance forward/backward orbit CFT DFT (FFT) Aliasing error Fourier transform Frequency response analysis (FRA) Zooming Full spectrum 

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