Contact Lenses

An analysis of the results of use
  • A. G. Cross


Contact Lenses were first fitted and worn in 1887, and since that time the literature of the subject has steadily increased. It has been extensively reviewed by Dallos (1936), Bruce (1937), Mann (1938), Darcy Williams (1946), Cross (1947), and others, and comprehensive text-books have been written by Dickinson and Hall, Treissman and Plaice, Obrig and other authors. Few reports have, however, been published giving detailed results of the use of contact lenses. Williamson-Noble (1938), Gyorffy, I. (1940), Gyorffy, S. (1944), Mann (1944), and Ridley (1946), have described results, but in each series the number of cases has been small and has not provided the full information which is so widely desired regarding tolerance to these optical aids, and the results of wear in different circumstances. It was decided, therefore, to conduct an investigation into the results of wearing contact lenses in a large number of patients, and, in addition to seeking information about tolerance, to inquire into various other aspects of the use of these appliances.


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