“Alpine type” Triassic of the Upper Antalya Nappe (Western Taurids—Turkey)

  • J. Marcoux
Conference paper
Part of the Schriftenreihe der Erdwissenschaftlichen Kommissionen book series (ERDWISSENSCHAFT, volume 2)


The sections were made in the south-western branche of the Antalya nappes1). Structurally all of these sections belong to the highest unit of the Antalya nappes system. Stratigraphically this Triassic belong to shallow marine carbonate series, the recognized elements of which cover the stages between the Ordovician to the lower-middle Cretaceous. Certain outcrops show a continuous passage (without apparent unconformity), from a marine terminal Permian (Djulfian) to the lowest Triassic.


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  • J. Marcoux
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  1. 1.M. T. A. EnstitüsüAnkaraTurquie
  2. 2.C. N. R. S. ERA n° 9Laboratoire de Géologie Historique Bât 504OrsayFrance

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