Many ore/mineral deposits, of different type and/or metallogenic epochs, occur in the Western Mediterranean Region. An attempt is made to investigate whether their (comparable) characters support or contradict or are neutral to the most generally accepted pre-Tertiary paleogeographic reconstructions of the region, which imply that Sardinia, Corsica and Calabria were located close to Southern France in front of the Lyon Gulf.

Even on the basis of a very preliminary investigation, like the one carried out in this paper, it seems evident that some characteristics of the strata-bound Pb-Zn Georgian ore deposits, the characteristics and aereal zonality of the Pb-Zn Hercynian ones, the characteristics and distribution of the mesozoic ophiolitic deposits are all consistent with those paleogeographical schemas.

More detailed investigations are necessary for the manifold types of middle Paleozoic strata-bound deposits and — especially — for the Mesozoic ones, the latter showing big differences in paleogeographical environments of their formation. The study of (paleo)-placers/stream sediments and their source beds seems to indicate spreading in this region; more investigations are recommended to confirm or refuse this assumption.


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