A short survey of the development of Paleozoic in Croatia is given. Silurian containing graptolites are known from the hilly region between Sava and Drava rivers. Devonian, containing conodonts, occurs in several parts of central Croatia. The Carboniferous has been very well examined and analyzed. It shows mainly a elastic development with plant remains which frequently occur in it. Especially well known are the Middle (Moscovian stage) and Upper Carboniferous from the northwestern slopes of the Velebit mountain where above all important Fusulinidae and cacareous algae can be found in limestone. Sedimentation continued without interruption from the Carboniferous into the Permian which is fully developed and very rich in fossils, above all Fusulinidae and calcareous algae. The Permian is divided into all chronostratigraphic units which have been palaeontologically documented.


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