Electrolytes in the Serum

  • H. K. Stummvoll
  • W. R. Külpmann


Water accounts for about 60% of the body weight (BW); two thirds of total water are attributed to the intracellular space (ICS) and one third is located in the extracellular space (ECS). The two spaces are separated from one another by the cell membrane. The extracellular space is subdivided into the interstitial space, ISS, and intravascular space, IVS. The ISS contains about 75% and the IVS about 25% of the water of the ECS. The border between these two spaces is the capillary wall (Fig. 1).
Fig. 1.

Fluid spaces and fluid distribution in the body compartments (data as % of body weight). ECS: Extracellular space. ICS: Intracellular space. ISS: Interstitial space. IVS: Intravascular space

Fig. 2.

Concentration of anions and cations in the body compartments. Data in mmol/l. Proteins and organic anions have not been taken into account


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