The Matrix-Balanced Chart

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The matrix-balance chart follows the presentation of the quantified bar chart and the template. The matrix-balance chart is at the higher level of the quantified charts in the Visual Scheduling and Management System.


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    An auxiliary chart that provides information on the tasks that have been executed is part of the new system and will be presented in Section 5.6.Google Scholar
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    Figure 5.7 demonstrates the need for keeping the location well-defined along the vertical axis. In Figure 5.7 the quantified bars representing a specific repeating task were positioned to be adjacent and have a common corner, in order to define their progression from floor to floor. However, immediately after this usage, the convention on the representation of the location should be reinstated, in order to create a readable chart.Google Scholar
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    An example of the control matrix-balanced chart is presented in Chapter 9, Fig. 9.18.Google Scholar
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    Source: Texas Instruments-Time Products Division, Harvard Business School case study No. 9–677–043, revised 6/3/91.Google Scholar

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