Decision-Making in Modular Product Family Design

  • Marc WindheimEmail author
Part of the Produktentwicklung und Konstruktionstechnik book series (PK, volume 17)


The theoretical bases from the decision theories are outlined in this chapter. Therefore, essential basics of decision theory are presented, and fundamental models of decision theory are briefly explained. First, the essential foundations of normative and descriptive decision theory are described. Based on this, decision rules for decisions under complete uncertainty as well as probabilistic uncertainty (risk) are presented. It is further demonstrated that group decisions are inherent processes in product development and that especially the evaluation of modular product structures is a process of cooperative decision-making. Based on this, the gap in research is finally described by linking the shortcomings arising from empirical observation, the imperatives of effective decision-making, and the contribution of the approaches from the literature and subsequently comparatively evaluating them.


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