Comparative Analysis of Water Quality of Different Types of Feed Water in Solar Energy Based Desalting System

  • Arunkumar Thirugnanasambantham
  • Jiaqiang WangEmail author
  • David Denkenberger


In this chapter, desalinated water quality analyses from various solar stills are examined. Many authors have performed experiments in solar stills along with the testing of physical and chemical water quality examinations for feed water and desalinated water. This was performed on different types of feed water, namely, ocean water, bore well water, water from lakes, tap water, and synthetic water from the laboratory are investigated. This research is important to understand solar still performance for a variety of different water types. Based on the investigation, the potential of hydrogen (pH) and total dissolved solids (TDS) value (before and after treatment) of the synthetic water, brackish water, groundwater, lake water, and seawater are improved and is compliant with WHO-2017 and BIS-2010 water quality standards. Water quality results of dissolved macro minerals (before and after treatment) in the water are discussed and useful conclusions are drawn.


Solar still Desalination Water quality 



After treatment


Bureau of Indian Standards


Before treatment


Double slope solar still


Electrical conductivity, μS/cm


Ethylene thiourea unit


Nephelometric turbidity unit


Phase change material


Single slope solar still


True color units


Total dissolved solids, ppm


United States Environmental Protection Agency


Tamilnadu Water Supply and Drainage


World Health Organization



We thank all the researchers and their contributions which were cited in this article.


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