Endoscopically Assisted Decompression of Radial Nerve

  • Esther VögelinEmail author
  • Dietmar Bignion
  • Franck Leclère


Using an endoscopically assisted technique, we are able to identify all possible compression sites and where required to release them. The entry point, located 5 cm proximal of the radial humeral epicondyle between the brachioradialis/brachialis and triceps muscle, allows endoscopic exposure of the superficial and deep radial nerve branches distal of the elbow as well as the radial nerve proximal of the elbow. From this entry point, the radial nerve can be followed proximally to the spiral groove until the radial nerve disappears around the humerus. The superficial branch and the posterior interosseous nerve can be followed distally, 3–4 cm distal of the anterior elbow crease from a second incision. This forearm portal can be created by incising the skin over the transilluminated light. The scope can then be introduced at this level, and the radial nerve (superficial radial nerve and PIN) may be followed distally to the supinator muscle.


Decompression Radial nerve Superficial radial nerve (SBRN) Posterior interosseous nerve (PIN) 



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Supplementary material

Video 107.1

Release of radial nerve at the supinator muscle (MOV 8763 kb)

Video 107.2

Release of radial nerve and compression signs of the branch of ECRB after release (MPG 7411 kb)


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  • Esther Vögelin
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    Email author
  • Dietmar Bignion
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  • Franck Leclère
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  1. 1.Department of Plastic and Hand SurgeryUniversity of Bern, InselspitalBernSwitzerland

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