Development of a Virtual Reality Simulator Test Bench Capable of Validating Transmission Performance of Drivability using a Virtual Engine

  • Hiroki KumashiroEmail author
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Transmissions are tested and evaluated under an increasing number of criteria owing to diversification of usage environments accompanying the expansion of the global vehicle market and the growing complexity of transmission control systems. Since vehicles are used in evaluating and validating transmission performance of drivability, the number of man-hours required for testing has increased enormously. In order to shorten development lead time and cope with the increasing number of transmission models to be evaluated, it is absolutely necessary to improve testing efficiency. To resolve these issues, we have developed a virtual real simulator test bench that makes it possible to evaluate and validate transmission performance of drivability in a wide range of usage environments. All elements of the test bench are virtual except the transmission. Efficiency has also been improved by automatic operation and automatic evaluation into the test bench. This paper describes the configuration and functions of the test bench and explains their value in the development process.


Transmission Virtual engine Test bench 


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