Modular E-Drive Concepts for Light to Heavy Electric Trucks and Buses

  • Martin HuberEmail author
  • Heimo Schreier
  • Jürgen Tochtermann
  • Martin Ackerl
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AVL introduced a fully integrated electric axle for urban delivery trucks, which helps to keep the overall installation volume and the total weight of the e-drive low and to reach good efficiency and power density. Nevertheless, the e-axle changes weight distribution and the unsprung masses, and influences therefore the drivability of the vehicle. Thus, one aspect of the paper is to investigate via simulation if there are significant changes on drivability and if these changes can be handled by adapting the suspension system accordingly.

But, not for all truck and bus applications integrated axles are optimal. The pros and cons of different e-drive solutions, e.g. integrated e-axle, center drive or wheel selective drives will be discussed. Additionally, the possibilities of defining suitable drivetrain families with the target to reach modular and scalable drivetrain architectures for an entire vehicle family are investigated.


Electric axle E-drive Trucks 


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  • Martin Huber
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  • Heimo Schreier
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  • Jürgen Tochtermann
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  • Martin Ackerl
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  1. 1.AVL Commercial Driveline & Tractor Engineering GmbHSteyrAustria
  2. 2.AVL List GmbHGrazAustria

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