Arthroscopic Management of Chondral and Labral Injuries

  • Alejandro Marquez-Lara
  • T. David Luo
  • Allston J. StubbsEmail author


Intra-articular hip injuries are a recognized cause of pain, mechanical symptoms, and disability in athletes. Traumatic intra-articular injury results from acute injury such as hyperabduction injuries, direct hip contact, and joint dislocation or subluxation. In contrast, atraumatic overuse injuries to the labrum and articular cartilage in the athlete’s hip result from repetitive motions exerted during sports (i.e., cutting, twisting, pivoting) and movements requiring supraphysiologic range of motion (i.e., ballet dancers, ice hockey goalies). Regardless of the origin, intra-articular hip injuries have a detrimental effect on athletes, typically reducing or eliminating their sports participation. The purpose of this chapter is to help guide surgeons and other health-care professionals in the arthroscopic management of chondral and labral injuries in the hip, with a particular focus on athletes.


Hip Arthroscopy Chondral lesions Chondroplasty Microfracture Hip Labral tear Labral repair Labral reconstruction 


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