Hip Dysplasia in Athletes

  • Soshi UchidaEmail author
  • Dean K. Matsuda
  • Akinori Sakai


This chapter reviews how to manage hip dysplasia in athletes. Preoperative patient evaluation, radiographic assessment, and planning are paramount for successful treatment.

Despite several reports looking at the effectiveness of various surgical procedures to address the hip dysplasia in general, this book chapter focuses on its treatment in athletes. It has been reported that periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) can provide favorable clinical outcome and high rate of return to play in the setting of hip dysplasia. High-demand athletes with DDH appear to be suboptimal candidates for these conventional open approaches due to prolonged postoperative rehabilitation and unestablished ability to return to sports. The recent addition of endoscopic shelf acetabuloplasty extends the minimally invasive approach to athletes with mild-moderate DDH.


Hip dysplasia Athlete Hip arthroscopy Endoscopic shelf acetabuloplasty 


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