Discussions of the New Results

  • Kikuo ChoEmail author
Part of the Springer Tracts in Modern Physics book series (STMP, volume 237)


New results are discussed from various angles. A reversible rewriting of the single susceptibility constitutive equation leads to a first-principles definition of \({\varvec{P}}\) and \({\varvec{M}}\) induced by both \({\varvec{E}}\) and \({\varvec{B}}\). This contains the microscopic definition of constitutive equations in chiral medium, more reliable than the phenomenological DBF eqs, and their comparison is made in details. A comparison with other types of single susceptibility theories of EM response, including that of Landau-Lifshitz, is made, which shows the advanced nature of the present theory. A short discussion about LWA is given, indicating its positive and negative meanings depending on the problem in consideration. As a special example of the application of this theory, dispersion curve and transmission window in a left-handed chiral medium are discussed. The aspects of L electric field is described.


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