Inferential Statistics I

  • Allen M. Khakshooy
  • Francesco Chiappelli


Translational research finally reaches the discussion of the second branch of statistical analysis—inferential statistics which are statistics used to make generalizations or inferences based on information obtained from actual observations. Unlike its counterpart, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics go beyond the real observations and helps generalize a particular population. This chapter discusses the principles of inference and analysis and the various techniques included.


Inferential statistics Sampling distribution of the mean Mean Standard error of the mean Central limit theorem Assumptions of parametric statistics Hypotheses Statistical hypotheses Null hypothesis Alternative hypothesis Level of significance P-value Type I error Type II error Power Effect size (ES) Point estimate Confidence interval (CI) Margin of error Confidence limits Level of confidence Internal validity 


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  • Allen M. Khakshooy
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  • Francesco Chiappelli
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  2. 2.UCLA School of DentistryLos AngelesUSA

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