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Lufthansa Experiences Using Biokerosene

  • Alexander ZschockeEmail author


From July to December 2011, Lufthansa conducted an in-service evaluation of HEFA bio kerosene, flying an Airbus A321 in commercial operations between Hamburg and Frankfurt using bio kerosene on one engine. During this evaluation, aircraft and engine were extensively monitored, with engine conditioning data downlinked and compared to the performance of the reference engine. Fuel quality was repeatedly tested, and critical parameters monitored. After the evaluation, fuel bearing parts were removed from the bio kerosene engine and compared to those of the reference engine, and the fuel tanks were accessed and their condition assessed. The effect of the fuel on the fueling equipment used during the evaluation was also variously analyzed. One minor observation was made concerning a possible impact on fueling equipment, which is probably not specific to bio kerosene but could not yet be resolved with certainty. With that possible exception, bio kerosene performed as good or better than conventional kerosene.


  1. [1]
    Alexander Zschocke/Sebastian Scheuermann/Jens Ortner: High Biofuel blends in Aviation, downloadable from Scholar

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