Ionic conductivities of Ch-CrCl4 · 6 H2O

  • Rudolf Holze
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This chapter contains a tabular compilation of ionic conductivities of Ch-CrCl4 · 6 H2O at various temperatures.

Table 1.6.1

Ionic conductivities of deep eutectic solvents

System, Composition

Constituents, composition in molar ratio

(1:1 if not stated otherwise or as mole fractions)

κ or Λ1

−1cm−1 or Ω−1mol−1cm2]

T2 [K]


Ch-CrCl4 · 6 H2O

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0.37 · 10−3



1Conductances at infinite dilution Λ0 are printed in italics without mentioning a concentration, units are Ω−1 mol−1cm2. Molar conductances are given in italics with a concentration value, units are Ω−1 mol−1cm2. Simple conductivities are given stating the concentration, units are Ω−1 cm−1

2Temperatures are given in K if not stated otherwise

Symbols and Abbreviations

Short form

Full form

κ, Λ

ionic conductivity




choline, hydroxyethyl-trimethylammonium


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