Knowledge Utilization and State Agencies: Some Remarks

  • Kurt W. Rothschild
Conference paper
Part of the Institut für Höhere Studien — Institute for Advanced Studies IHS-Studies book series (INHSIAS)


It is probably not mere chance that the four papers under discussion ail have case studies at their core. Interesting and useful as they are they reveal very clearly the difficulties of finding a basis for a general analytic treatment in this field. Even the two studies which try to give a theoretical underpinning to their evaluation of concrete cases [Aichholzer; Kane/Kocher] can only achieve some loose (and partly artificial) connections with various alternative (but not mutually exclusive) theoretical patterns. The main content of all the papers rests on careful consideration and description of the individual cases under review enriched by a goodly amount of insight and “conventional wisdom”. No general theoretical results or innovations are indicated.


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