A polyisobutylene with a viscosity of about 50 kNs/m2 (5 · 105 poise) at 25 °C and average molecular weight of about 4 · 104 was loaded with between 85–90 percentage by weight of particulate solid. The solid filler was mainly an inorganic crystalline material which on average had a multimodel size distribution in the range of 10–750 μm. The smaller crystals tend to be roughly spherical, whereas the smaller proportion of larger crystals are more irregular in shape. At this high loading one percent of synthetic surfactant was added to the mix in order to achieve complete wetting of the solid particles.



outer radius of sample (25 mm)


length of sample (50 mm)


applied high pressure


applied hydrostatic pressure


deforming pressure


shear stress


maximum shear stress at outer radius of sample


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