High shear viscometry of concentrated solutions of poly (alkylmethacrylate) in a petroleum lubricating oil

  • A. F. Talbot


The addition of high molecular weight polymers to various types of petroleum lubricants and fluids has become accepted practice, justified by the improved performance of the fluid composition over a broader range of operating temperature. Increasingly, these polymer-modified oils are encountered in service, including automatic transmission fluids and multi-graded engine oils in automotive applications, multi-graded gear oils and hydraulic fluids. Despite the widespread use of these fluids, there have been published relatively few quantitative descriptions of their flow characteristics under the high shear conditions encountered in use.




Apparent viscosity at experimental conditions, centipoise


Intrinsic viscosity via extrapolation of Martin equation, dl/g

\(\dot y\)

Shear rate, sec−1


Stress level, dynes/cm2


Energy level at inflection point (\(\dot y\) τ), dynes/cm2 sec



Limiting low shear rate (1st Newtonian) condition

Limiting high shear rate (2nd Newtonian) condition


Refers to solvent


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