The idea of this International Symposium on Basic Environmental Problems of Man in Space came about two years ago from Professor von Kármán, President of the International Academy of Astronautics, and Dr. Malina, permanent representative of the International Astronautical Federation to Unesco. They soon talked other people into their plans, and a feeling diffused far and wide that such a symposium would serve to stimulate educational and scientific activity and progress, to encourage international cooperation in this particular problem area and to further advancement of research in the basic aspects of the many problems at hand. It was then learned with great satisfaction that Unesco became attracted by the objectives of the symposium, which are in harmony with the principal features of this organisation’s program in the natural sciences. Within the proposed budget allocations to various projects for 1961/ 62 Unesco decided to assist the International Astronautical Federation in preparing a Study Group to determine the desirability and feasibility of holding a symposium on the problems of man in space.


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