Interactions of Angiotensin and Cocaine on the Output of Noradrenaline from Isolated Rabbit Hearts

  • K. Starke


The output of noradrenaline from isolated rabbit hearts during sympathetic nerve stimulation is increased by angiotensin (1.3 ng/ml) to 176% of the preceding control stimulation period. During inhibition of noradrenaline re-uptake by cocaine (5 or 15 μg/ml), the augmentation caused by the peptide is unchanged (181 and 171%, respectively). The result favours the assumption that angiotensin enhances the output of noradrenaline by an increase of the amount of transmitter liberated from the nerve terminals rather than by interfering with transmitter inactivation.


Angiotensin Cocaine Isolated Rabbit Heart Sympathetic Nerves Noradrenaline Release 


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  1. 1.Pharmakologisches Institut Klinikum EssenRuhr-UniversitätEssenDeutschland

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