• Siegmund Brandt
  • Hans Dieter Dahmen


The language of quantum mechanics is needed to describe nature at the atomic or subatomic scale, e.g., the phenomena of atomic, nuclear, or particle physics. But there are many other fields of modern science and engineering in which important phenomena can be explained only by quantum mechanics, for example chemical bonds or the functioning of semiconductor circuits in computers. It is therefore very important for students of physics, chemistry, and electrical engineering to become familiar with the concepts and methods of quantum mechanics.


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  1. Since in the introductory sections “Physical Concepts” we present only a very concise collection of concepts and formulae, the user of IQ is urged to study the physics topics in more detail in the textbook literature. Under the heading ‘Further Reading’ at the end of our introductory sections we refer the user to the relevant chapters in the following textbooks:Google Scholar
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