Computer Aided Design for the Selection Process of Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Sites

  • G. V. Abi-Ghanem
  • V. Nguyen
Conference paper


The long-term performance evaluation of a hazardous/nuclear waste site is a scientific analysis process that quantifies how well the system achieves its basic design objective, i.e. the isolation of the hazardous/nuclear waste from the accessible environment. Application of performance in site selection analysis is to predict the long-term behavior of the candidate site system (in the order of decades for a hazardous waste site and centuries for a nuclear waste repository) under normal and disruptive man-induced/geologic events. The forecasting of contaminant/radionuclide movement under changing site conditions can only be achieved using both deterministic and stochastic computer modeling techniques. The analysis must consider uncertainties in (1) field and laboratory data, ( 2) theoretical completeness of the predictive models, and ( 3) predictions of future conditions.


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  • G. V. Abi-Ghanem
    • 1
  • V. Nguyen
    • 1
  1. 1.ARDI CorporationMinneapolisUSA

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