Operational Control of a Water Distribution System Utilizing Micro Computers

  • George W. Lackowitz
Conference paper


Micro Computer technology provides a low cost solution to the complex problems encountered in efficiently operating a water distribution system. This paper describes how micro computer technology can be used to:
  • develop a operating plan for system pumps and automatic control valves.

  • control the operation of a system’s pumps and control valves.

  • monitor and evaluate the operation of system components.

This paper also discusses how micro computer technology has been used, or is being considered for use to perform these functions in operating the water system of the City of Yonkers, New York. The Yonkers water system provides an average of 30 million gallons per day (mgd) to the City’s 200,000 residents utilizing four (4) high lift pump stations. At the present time all the pumps in the system are operated manually, thus system personnel must be sent to each of the remote pump stations several times a day to turnpumps on and off.

As part of a Water System Master Plan Study performed for the City, a micro computer based extended period water distribution model was developed. The model was utilized to develop control set points for each of the system’s pumps. Implementing these set-points will minimize energy costs while maximizingthe pumps’s benefit to the system. The City is presently investigating the feasibility of utilizing a micro computer based control system to implement the pump control plan.


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