Optimization of Structures with Random Parameters

  • S. F. Jóźwiak
Conference paper


Structural design problems can be usually formulated in the form of corresponding optimization problems. Genarally recognized nondeterministic nature of structural design and the necessity of making decisions under conditions of uncertainity suggest that such problems should be formulated as stochastic optimization problemso. Uncertainity may arise either from randomness in the structural properties and loading or from arbitrary decisions made in the process of idealization, or both. The main reason for neglecting the probabilistic /random/ character of parameters defining the structure and therefore limiting the analysis to the deterministic model, are difficulties in dealing with the stochastic programming problems, especially in the case of more complex structures. Formulation of the optimization problem presented in the paper Is based on the concept of the expected value. Solution of the corresponding mathematical programming problem has been obtained by means of indirect method.


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  • S. F. Jóźwiak
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  1. 1.Politechnika WarszawskaWarszawaPolska

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