Computer Procedure for Optimal Design of Structures under Traffic Loads

  • Lj. R. Savić
Conference paper


The concern of a structural engineer is today extended to the area of the optimum structural design. Between many different approaches to structural design an important role plays the optimality criteria approach based on the assumption that a criterion related to the behaviour of the structure is satisfied at the optimum (Kirsch, 1981). Fully stressed design is an example of such an approach, in which we start from the assumption that in an optimal structure each structural element is subjected to its limiting stress under at least one of the loading condition. The chosen procedures for solution are usually iterative, where each iterative cycle consists of two steps: An analysis of the structure at the current design followed by a redesign operation. Continuing the iterative process until the predeterminated optimality criteria are satisfied, we usually in a simple way obtain a reasonable design, not far from the optimum.


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  • Lj. R. Savić
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