Reliability and Integrity of Computer Assisted Decision Making

  • Mohammad Hashim
Conference paper


The bewildering rapid advances of our computer age have brought us to a cross road of physical and intellectual illusions where ‘real intelligence’(human brain) is being replaced by ‘artificial intelligence’ and may be real people replaced by artificial people(robotics). We also see the wizardly machines called computers not only assisting us in our decision making process in our daily life but often making actually decisions for us even if we dont like them and have no option to change them either. The noble, refined and joyful experience of listening, pondering, thinking, judging and then deciding upon to do or say something seems to have been taken over by concepts such as expert systems, AI etc.


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  • Mohammad Hashim
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  1. 1.Burroughs Machines Ltd.CumbernauldScotland, UK

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