Teaching Civil Engineers to Write CADDD Software

  • James L. Jorgenson
Conference paper


This paper describes a course on the principles and procedures of writing computer programs to be used for computer aided design, drafting, and detailing (CADDD). The need for the course developes from an individuals desire to be more productive. With the proper computer software and hardware an engineer’s productivity can be significantly increased.

The principles covered in the course start with the benefits and problems in using a CADDD system. Next, characteristics of activities which can be effectively programmed are considered. Since many programs will use the same data it is advisable to establish a data base. The principles of program/user interaction are also presented.

These principles are illustrated through the student preparation of a class project. The project consisted of the student preparation of programs to do the designing, detailing, and drafting of a reinforced concrete foundation. Programs written by the students include: structural design of a wall footing, detailing the reinforcing for the foundation, and the drafting for the foundation drawing. A program used by the students which they did not write was the design of single column spread footings.

At the end of the course the students were able to use their software and the available computer and plotter to design, detail, and draft a building foundation in less than one-half hour, thereby significantly increasing their productivity.


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