An Expert Executive Which Integrates Heterogeneous Computational Programs

  • K. M. Chalfan
Conference paper


In the aerospace sector of the economy, as represented by The Boeing Company, knowledge is frequently encoded in various traditional programming languages. These programs typically perform computational functions such as simulation modeling, dynamic analysis, and optimization, in support of preliminary design, detailed design, and testing. Each program represents a particular technology according to the requirements for the particular product being designed. Design analysis of the product requires that these computer programs be integrated in a specific sequence in terms of their input and output data and order of execution. Because of the complexity of the interrelationships among the programs, numerous delays and errors occur during their integration. These delays and errors can be very expensive and cause scheduling crises, and may reduce design quality. However, the problem-solving knowledge required to perform the integration function can be formalized in an expert system that understands the objectives of the analyst and executes all programs necessary to produce the desired design analysis. This paper describes the Expert Executive for Preliminary Design, which was developed at The Boeing Company to expedite the design analysis of aerospace vehicles.


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