On Completeness of Rule-Based Systems

  • Antoni Ligeza
Conference paper


Rule-based systems are the most popular means for modeling, analysis, control and diagnosis of numerous complex systems, especially those having no classical mathematical models in the form of differential or difference equations. The behaviour and properties of such systems are described with use of relations and therefore logic-based formalisms are best suited for knowledge representation and reasoning. The development of non-trivial systems is a tedious task, since knowledge acquisition and encoding must be mostly done by hand. Moreover, putting together many separately created rules must take into account the interrelationship among them. Testing and debugging a knowledge-base is always a hard, time-consuming task. Moreover, in order to assure satisfactory work of such systems some theoretical properties of them should be verified (see Andert, 1992).


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  • Antoni Ligeza
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  1. 1.Institute of Automatics AGHKrakówPoland

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