Bank Branch Computerisation: A Feasible Approach

  • Sharad M. Padwal
Conference paper


In Indian banking 30 top business centres in the country account for about 51 per cent of the total banking business. About 2500 branches out of total approximately 70000 bank branches are estimated to have a work load of 750 vouchers or more per day. These branches are situated in 30 top business centres referred above. It is proposed by the management of the banks to computerise all these branches over the next about five years. Computerisation at the branch level can be through one of the following alternatives:
  • Selected branches can be linked to mini/super mini computers with the required number of on-line terminals.

  • Branches may have PCs under LAN with the mini computer as the server.

  • On-line terminals hooked on to one central system for that bank.

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