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Tin and Tin Alloy Plating Solutions

  • J. W. Price
Part of the Handbuch der Analytischen Chemie / Handbook of Analytical Chemistry book series (HAC, volume 3 / 4 / 4a / 4a g)


Large amounts of tin — of the order of 80,000 tonnes per annum — are electrodeposited on to steel sheet by a continuous process in the production of tinplate (see Chapter 18). The electroplating solutions used, generally of the acid type, have been specially developed for high-speed strip plating and are not suitable for ‘still’ baths; their analytical control is also somewhat specialised and will not be considered here. Tin and tin alloy plating is used on a great variety of fabricated articles, often in relatively small units, and here control methods must be rapid and capable of being carried out, if necessary, on the shop floor and so methods of analysis are usually volumetric. In the case of tin plating solutions, bath composition is not particularly critical and an accuracy of ± 10% is generally all that is required; with tin alloy processes, particularly where deposit composition is important, e.g. with tin-copper or tin-zinc alloys, higher accuracy may be required. Where the equipment is available atomic absorption methods are of value for routine solution and deposit analysis and some details are given in Section 8 of procedures that have been found suitable.


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