On the Change of the Skew Information in the Process of Quantum Mechanical Measurements

  • A. Frenkel
  • E. P. Wigner
  • M. M. Yanase
Part of the The Scientific Papers book series (WIGNER, volume A / 3)


The amount of information on the values of observables which do not commute with the additive conserved quantities may be measured by the skew information I defined in Eq. (1). In Section 1 we enumerate the basic properties of this expression. In Section 2 the change of the skew information is investigated in the process of quantum mechanical measurements in which the pointer position of the apparatus uniquely determines its content of the conserved quantity. In Section 3 the consequences of this limitation on the types of measurements considered are discussed and some open problems concerning the skew information are mentioned.


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  • A. Frenkel
  • E. P. Wigner
  • M. M. Yanase

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