Epistemology of Quantum Mechanics — Its Appraisal and Demands

  • E. P. Wigner
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I believe that in a conference such as ours every participant should contribute some of his specialized knowledge which has a bearing on the main subject of the conference. However, he should also give his thoughts on the main subject even if this is outside his specialized competence, and he should do this freely, not restricting himself to the areas of impact of his specialty. This may give a dilettantish taste to some of his remarks, and I wish to apologize in advance for my own. The specialty which I wish to contribute lies in the area of the epistemology suggested by our present picture of the conceptual limitations of physical theory. However, I would like to come to this subject, and its place in our subject of inquiry, from a more general discussion of cultural unity and the role of science in general therein.


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