Influence of Contamination and Structural Defects

  • Vasily Y. Ushakov
Part of the Power Systems book series (POWSYS)


Contamination of the interelectrode medium and electrodes by free or loosely bound particles reduces their electric strength via several effects, including:
  • a microdischarge between the electrode and an oncoming particle which initiates breakdown between the electrodes in vacuum or gas

  • the collision of a high-velocity particle with an electrode accompanied by the emission of vapor and liquid electrode and particle fragments and plasma structures in vacuum

  • collisions of particles with electrodes that alter electrode microrelief, thereby producing field amplification centers

  • single particles and particle bridges produced when particles enter the strong field region, which distort the field distribution

  • impurity particles in insulating liquids, which influence electrohydrodynamic processes during long-term voltage exposure.


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