Induction Motors in Transient Regimes

  • Bahram Amin
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This chapter deals with the behavior of induction motors operating in the transient regime. The main purpose of transient analysis is to calculate variations in stator and rotor currents as well as variations in torque during the time interval (generally short) in which the drive leaves its old permanent regime to settle down in a new steady state. Transients may occur whenever the steady-state input command, e.g., input voltage, is switched from an old pattern to a new one. This may be achieved intentionally or may happen by accident. Transients may also occur when the load torque is suddenly changed. This is often referred to as the effect of the perturbing load. Finally, transients occur whenever one of the motor parameters changes abruptly. For example, during faulty conditions, such as short-circuits of any kind, the drive goes through a transient regime.


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