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Optical and electron microscopical studies of mesenchymal tumours

  • Satyavati M. Sirsat


The importance of the role played by connective tissue in normal and abnormal cellular phenomena has been aptly described by Robb-Smith (10), who calls it the biological moderator of cellular energy. It is surprising therefore that so few reports have been published on the fine structure of collagen isolated from neoplasms, specially those of mesenchymal origin. The references to this subject available in literature (1,2,6,7) are not agreed over the observations. This systematic study of human and animal mesenchymal tumours was carried out from two aspects: 1. observation of the fine structure of the collagen fibril and 2. elucidation of the type of alteration produced in the extracellular connective tissue, during an overall transformation of the cellular elements of the mesenchyme. The investigation was carried out at two levels. The biopsy tissue was studied optically, using differential staining techniques for connective tissue. Isolated collagen from the same biopsy was observed in the electron microscope to assess the fibrillar response to tissue alteration at the submicroscopic level.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Satyavati M. Sirsat
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Electron MicroscopyIndian Cancer Research CentreParel, Bombay 12India

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