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The precipitation of Cr7C3 in ferritic steels of varying chromium content

  • F. B. Pickering


There has been much conflicting evidence on the formation of Cr7C3 during the tempering of chromium steels. Some workers (1, 2) have suggested that Cr7C3 is separately nucleated, whilst others (3, 4) support the view that Cr7C3 forms by an “in situ” transformation from Fe3C. The evidence presented in this paper has been obtained on both low alloy steels containing up to 4% chromium and high alloy 12% chromium steels, and has shown that the mode of formation of Cr7C3 is different at the two chromium levels.


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  • F. B. Pickering
    • 1
  1. 1.The United Steel Companies Ltd.Rotherham, YorksEngland

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