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Nucleation of evaporated metal layers on single crystal substrates

  • G. A. Bassett


The growth of thin evaporated metal films has been the subject of extensive investigation largely by the methods of electron diffraction. (A recent review has been given by Pashley). In many cases of oriented growth it is known whether the first deposit forms a mono-layer or whether island nuclei are produced. It is essential to have such information in order to formulate a model on which a theory of epitaxial growth may be based. In the present work the electron microscope has been used to follow stages in the growth of gold films deposited on 1. rocksalt cleavage surfaces, 2. the (111) face of single crystals of silver.


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  • G. A. Bassett
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  1. 1.Tube Investments Research LaboratoriesHinxton Hall, Hinxton, Nr. Saffron WaldenEssexEngland

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