Seasonal Climates of the Earth

The seasonal course of natural phenomena in the different climatic zones of the earth
  • C. Troll


The life of plants, animals and humans and also the carriers or transmitters of epidemic diseases on earth, is subject to a rhythm of climatic phenomena which overlap at many points, which change from one latitude to the next, from one climatic belt to another and with changes in height above sea-level. The diurnal rhythm caused by the earth’s rotation is in contrast to the seasonal rhythm conditioned by the movement of the earth around the sun. The sequence of insolation, temperature and precipitation is a rhythmical one as is also frequently true of atmospheric humidity and fog formation. Changes in the sequence of thermal seasons and daylight, to which the central and west European is accustomed by the mutation of summer and winter with long intermediate transitional periods and differences in the length of days in these seasons, are a special bounty of these latitudes just like their relatively equal distribution of precipitation.


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